Immunization in pregnancy

Must weigh several factors: risk of exposure, maternal risk, fetal risk, risk from vaccine / toxoid.

Rule of thumb: No live vaccines unless:

  1. Susceptibility / exposure probable and
  2. Disease threat to woman / fetus – vaccine risk

Only routinely administrated immunization during pregnancy:

  1. Tetanus – diphtheria toxoids
  2. At-risk group for Hep B virus
  • MMR: 3 months before pregnancy or immediate postpartum
  • Polio / yellow fever vaccine – when traveling to endemic area

Immune globulins

  1. After exposure to: measles, Hep A, B, tetanus, chickenpox or rabies
  2. VZIG for newborns of mothers who develop chickenpox 5 days before, until 2 days after delivery
  3. All women without a history of chickenpox should be passively immunized with VZIG within 98h of an exposure to chickenpox

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