Menopause – General Measures

  • Maintain healthy weight;
  • Nutrition variety of food in moderate protions;
  • Exercise, stay fit, keep muscle tone ( Kegel exercise, posture exercise );
  • Regular sexual activity is important to patients;
  • Moisturizers and lubricants as needed for vaginal and sexual comfort. Avoid soap. Avoid fabric softener and anti-cling products on underwear.
  • Calcium 500-600 mg b.i.d.,and vitamin D 400 IU/d, 600 IU/d if >70 years old.
  • Layered clothing allows accommodation to changes in ambient temperature for hot-flash control.
  • Avoid identified hot-flash triggers: Down comforters, thermal blankets, hot spicy foods, alcohol, emotional and stressful situations, bright lights.
  • Good sleep hygiene: Consistent sleep hours every day; avoid caffeine, alcohol, chocolate, getting too warm at night.

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